East Las Vegas

East Las Vegas communities are some of the most well established neighborhoods in the valley. The mountains on the eastern rim of the city overlook the strip and many of the residential areas. These areas boast a great deal of the city’s history. Amazing Las Vegas real estate spreads sit on hillsides, and unique properties dot the landscape. Several of the best views of the strip and the valley are found on the east side of town. The mountains are closer to the lights of the casinos and businesses than any other. The steep mountains here offer a “bleacher view” as opposed to the “theater view” of the steadily climbing west and south. The LDS temple is perched on one of the highest streets on the east. At that level residents share a spectacular Las Vegas view.

Not all properties are in the mountains. As one drops in altitude he/she witnesses flatter terrain and a potpourri of housing and real estate types and prices. Several country clubs enhance the east Las Vegas valley floor. Multi-million dollar properties can be found, while at the same time, townhomes, smaller houses, and trailers can be seen. If a resident wants to live near the strip with easy access to many amenities Las Vegas has to offer, they will be able to find housing that suits their needs and situation.

Many of the east Las Vegas homes are closer to the strip and downtown than other homes in the valley. Close proximity to the strip provides for quick commuting for managers, dealers, food services personnel, and others who work downtown.

The McCarran Airport is easily accessed from the east side of town. Business travelers, tourists, etc., can get to the airport from several main roadways including the I-95, Eastern Ave, Charleston Blvd, Sahara Ave, Tropicana Ave, Nellis Blvd, Boulder Hwy, etc.

Malls and other shopping opportunities are found throughout. Some of the newest facilities in the valley as well as the most well-established are located in eastern Las Vegas. Hospitals, schools (including access to UNLV), and many other key services are available in this part of town.

East Las Vegas provides great housing diverse in price, style, and location. It offers access to many amenities and services. East Las Vegas is a great place to live, and find a place to call home or invest in real estate.